The Power of Patient Communities

As a Legacy Care and Communications Manager, I see first-hand how the community drives connection. Especially during these tough times, many feel alone and isolated. Imagine the emotions a patient goes through facing their own health crises outside of such a pandemic? We recognize that community is key. Loneliness may be temporary during recently enforced isolation, but … Continued

The Importance of Celebrating Grateful Patients

Let’s face it—patients have a lot of reasons to complain.  From the hassle of navigating health insurance to finding the right physician in dealing with the reality of their medical issues,the life of a patient can be downright discouraging. But in our day to day interactions with patients at Legacy Health Strategies, we find there … Continued

CBI’s 11th Annual Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference Recap

On September 12th, Legacy Health Strategies’ CEO, Rolf Benirschke, was the keynote speaker at CBI’s 11th Annual Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference in San Diego, CA. His message centered on how crucial it is to keep patients emotionally engaged for successful treatment outcomes. Rolf’s inspirational story of loss, perseverance, and hope, in his battle with … Continued