Elation Health hosts event for Los Angeles independent physician community

Last week, members of the Elation team were joined by independent primary care physicians and Elation users in the Los Angeles area for an event hosted by Elation to bring this community together.

Throughout the event, independent providers had the opportunity to hear about and share some of the most common concerns with finding a system that could support their unique practice needs. A panel led by Dr. Leo Treyzon, Dr. David Abrams, Dr. Rubencio Quintana, and Dr. Albert Fuchs discussed some of the key benefits of a Clinical First EHR.

Clinical First: Electronic health records that were devised within an independent primary care practice are more provider-centric and focus on an independent physician’s needs.

Unlimited 24/7 Support: Having free 24/7 support, customized training, and data migration from a previous system can avoid disruptions in care and empower independent physicians save valuable time.

Ease of Use: EHR systems should “think like a physician” but also continue to make improvements that make it easy for independent physicians to provide personal, timely, and informed care.

Finding a partner in delivering high-quality care can be difficult but Elation is in your corner. Discover more about how EHR systems designed to support independent primary care practices can make a difference for patient care.

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