Both a family and a firm, a support network and a stakeholder, Bootstrap Venture Partners takes their companies to a new place.

The Team

In our collaborative team, we consider ourselves a partnership of equals – equally accountable to each other and the companies with whom we work.

Jean Balgrosky, Ph.D., MPH, RHIA
Parker Hinshaw
Kyle Williams, MBA
Wyatt Hinshaw
Investment Partner
CJ Hinshaw
Investment Partner
Seth Hinshaw
Investment Partner • Controller

Beyond Startups — Strategic Early Stage Investing

Between the angel investors’ playground and the battleground of traditional VC investing, lies our sweet spot — the fertile ground of early stage companies.

As successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with over 40 years of healthcare and technology experience, we have made it our mission to seek out companies whose products and services we believe will have a meaningful effect on the greater good, and help them succeed.

Beyond Money — An Investment of Industry Knowhow and Human Support

Starting a company is hard. Growing it is even harder.

After the initial startup phase, when you start to actually bring in revenue, there’s a critical period — it’s the end of the beginning. Where to next? How do you transition from working in the business to working on the business? How do you identify talent and build a positive culture? How do you scale beyond your initial pilot customers? How do you attract advisors, partners and customers? These decisions have long-term implications. And they are coming at you daily. It’s scary. This is where we can help the most. We bring a little bit of cash, a lot of expertise, and we help manage the fear.

Beyond What — Getting to The Why

What you do is self-evidently important, but more important to us is the “why” of what you do.

We believe in the possibilities of health care. We know it can be delivered to more people, more simply, with better outcomes, and there are countless innovative ways to do it. The companies we partner with share this vision. It’s this holistic approach to identifying our investments that makes the Bootstrap portfolio unique and rewarding.

In addition, as citizens and people with families, with a stake in the wellbeing of future generations, we seek out like-minded people, just as driven as we are to build successful new companies that are making a difference, in fields like EdTech and Artificial Intelligence.