CirrusMD Announces Expansion of Telemental Health Services

DENVER, COLORADO — August 23, 2021 — CirrusMD, the fastest growing provider of on-demand telemedicine, today announced the expansion of its telemental health services to include digital, self-guided cognitive behavioral health tools designed to complement live, physician-led care.

Delivering Patient-Centered Services

CirrusMD was founded on the belief that healthcare should be immediate, easy, personal and integrated. By keeping the patient at the center of care, and organizing services around the patient — from live physicians to self-guided modules — a more human-focused care continuum is created.

Telehealth utilization has stabilized at levels 38X higher than before the pandemic, fueled in part by a demand for greater convenience and equitable access to care. Through telemental care, those within vulnerable populations or areas with limited local resources can easily confer with licensed physicians on the CirrusMD platform, and if needed, continue to address their mental health through self-guided skill-building tools.

Integrated for Better Care

CirrusMD focuses on creating the easiest access to the highest quality care. To achieve this goal, CirrusMD established a Virtual Primary Care model that integrates behavioral health with general medical services. Each physician is trained in best practices guiding behavioral health assessment and treatment protocols and as a result, CirrusMD physicians can identify behavioral health concerns even when patients present with symptoms that appear to be medical in nature. This removes another major barrier in mental healthcare — the stigma associated with seeking assistance for mental health issues.

Using standardized assessment tools, such as the GAD7 and PHQ9, CirrusMD physicians and psychiatrists create a care plan for each individual, including medication management. If follow-up care is clinically indicated, it is provided by a CirrusMD physician. Additionally, the treating physician may prescribe self-guided, cognitive behavioral health tools (CBT) to address conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep and insomnia, living with chronic conditions, resilience and COVID-19. Upon the successful conclusion of the care plan, follow-up by a CirrusMD physician continues for up to six months to ensure improved outcomes are sustained and meet measurable, objective criteria.

“Fast, easy, affordable access to mental healthcare services is a continuous challenge for many Americans,” said Dr. Elishia Oliva, MD, psychiatrist and specialty medical director, CirrusMD. “People are increasingly discovering the benefits of telebehavioral health options for an easier, faster path to mental wellness. In fact, we’ve seen enormous success treating patients with general depression and anxiety on the CirrusMD platform. Now, by adding self-guided, on-demand solutions, patients can continue their care journey and tap into available resources as needed to help support their care.”


CirrusMD is a different kind of telemedicine company. In less than a minute, patients connect with a licensed physician and conduct a care encounter at their pace and convenience.

CirrusMD’s integrated primary care is delivered by multi-specialty physicians who treat a broad range of conditions, from acute to chronic, and from primary care to specialty areas, including behavioral health. CirrusMD is available to nearly 10 million users across all 50 states, and exclusively offered through employer benefits programs, benefits consultants, health insurers, and reseller partners. CirrusMD’s flexible platform even enables employers to provide on-demand telehealth to their full- and part-time workers — even to uninsured workers — to help ensure all employees receive care whenever it’s needed most. Learn how CirrusMD is transforming virtual care:


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