Take Back Your Weekends

We are in the midst of a data management crisis and NO ONE has a magic bullet or a secret sauce to solve the remote monitoring data deluge. What we do have is an immense, talented, and deeply committed allied health professional workforce who are working around the clock to attempt to dam the flood of information. Yet, you are working silently or if you are not silent nobody is taking the time to truly listen to you. How many of you are invited to budget meetings? Purchasing meetings? How many of you know your true value in what you do every day? How many times have you asked to be part of any of this process and denied? Yet, you are tasked with still seeing the patients, both clinically and remotely. Does anybody in the clinic besides you understand the real workload and workflow that is being generated from all this remote monitoring data? Have they taken the time to listen to you and what you are going through, everyday?

I am not just industry. I am a nurse who has lived your pain. I am a nurse who tried to be part of a solution within my hospital system. But no one was listening to me or to any of us.

Today I’m part of a solution. And, I can no longer be silenced. And neither should you.

Geneva Health Solutions is for the early risers, the late nighters, the daytime multi-taskers, and the weekend grinders. Let us help you with the data deluge and help restore sanity to your device clinic workflow and your life. We are an extension of you…we are here for you….the tireless and dedicated Allied Health Professionals.

We want to hear your remote monitoring issues, your horror stories.

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