The Power of Patient Communities

As a Legacy Care and Communications Manager, I see first-hand how the community drives connection.

Especially during these tough times, many feel alone and isolated. Imagine the emotions a patient goes through facing their own health crises outside of such a pandemic? We recognize that community is key. Loneliness may be temporary during recently enforced isolation, but for those suffering from chronic illnesses – solitude is often a way of life.

Our missions are to combat such aloneness by providing patient ambassador communities within our support programs. In fact, we have spent years collecting evidence that such methodologies truly create better outcomes and help patients, health institutions, and health care professionals succeed. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of the community transforms the patient and their families. I was talking to a caregiver the other day, who told me:

“Since he spoke to your Patient Ambassador, my husband has hope again. I honestly didn’t know if that would ever happen.”

Patient Caregiver

The ability to feel empowered by others who share similar struggles renews a sense of interdependence and confidence within the individual. A sense of belonging that may have diminished due to the newly imposed identity of being “sick” or “different” can be restored.

Whether through our Ambassadors or our Patient Advisory Leaders, community fuels the connection we are so proud to enjoy with our patients. They are inspirational and the reason why, here at Legacy Health Strategies, we are honored to provide our clients with the best form of patient engagement: authentic connections.

Take care,


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