Figg drives member enrollment for warehouse retail club and engagement for bank partner

A young woman makes a payment by contactless card with the terminal given to her by the seller at the checkout of a store

Membership-only warehouse club leveraged Figg’s financial institution publisher network to run a custom card-linked offer. Spend-based customer segmentation coupled with marketing support resulted incremental membership conversions for this retailer and elevated cardholder engagement for our financial institution partner.

Campaign highlights

Incremental lift


Return on ad spend


Repeat purchase rate



As the second largest retailer in the world, this membership-only warehouse has a large base of loyal customers. With sensitivity to their current loyal customers, they were looking for ways to target net-new members without mass membership discounts.

A leading financial institution was running a custom card-linked offer program through Figg for their cardholders. We worked with retail and financial institution partners to coordinate an offer-specific email campaign. The campaign promoted awareness for the card linked offer promogram by featuring a discount on an annual membership.


By applying analytics to transaction data from our bank partner, we created custom segmentation targeting cardholders who had not made a purchase in 1 year (new customers). After that, we leveraged geotargeting to direct offers to cardholders in states where our client wanted to increase memberships.


The campaign drove incremental lift and lifetime value for the membership-only warehouse retailer. In addition, the campaign promoted program awareness and brand loyalty for our financial institution partner.

Over 5 million cardholders received the promotional email, resulting in 253% incremental lift from baseline daily redemptions of the offer. With Figg’s unique data insights, we were able to measure the exact incremental impact of every dollar spent on the acquisition efforts—including a detailed breakout at the store-level.


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