How ClearObject’s Vision AI Technology Makes Roads Safer

The tech company partnered with the Indiana Department of Transportation to develop and deploy an AI-powered snow management solution

ClearObject has developed leading Vision AI capabilities for a range of customer use cases. Starting in 2018 when ClearObject empowered energy company AES to accurately inspect wind turbines, ClearObject has leveraged the differentiating power of Google Cloud Vision AI to help customers in a range of industries, from energy to manufacturing and retail.

As the amount of image and video data increases, businesses are challenged with how to make use of the enormous amount of spatial awareness, inspection, and monitoring data they now have.

Vision AI provides a powerful solution. Machine learning models can be trained to augment and even replace the need for manual review of video and images. Not only does Vision AI provide accurate results, but they are also always consistent, removing interpretation and subjectivity from inspections and analysis.

Indianapolis-based ClearObject is always looking for opportunities to deploy solutions close to home. Improving snow management using Vision AI in partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation was a great opportunity.

Noel Hopkins, Head of Customer Success at ClearObject explains ‘The majority of states have snow management programs. Effective road clearing and treatment is a complex seasonal challenge. Depending on the duration and severity of the snow season, states can spend over $50M annually on snow management programs’.

‘Road safety is the highest priority for transport agencies. Technology can be a significant driver in helping eliminate unsafe driving conditions, especially as the amount of video data increases across the country’.

ClearObject partnered directly with the Transport team at INDOT to develop and deploy a Vision AI-powered Snow Management solution. Utilizing existing camera feed data from static highway cameras and snow plow dashcams, ClearObject was able to demonstrate highly accurate machine learning models capable of determining the level of snow coverage and provide insights to central snow management teams.

Results show that ClearObject’s Vision AI-enhanced snow management can deliver significant cost savings, snow removal optimization, and most importantly, reduce unsafe driving conditions.

ClearObject has developed a suite of AI-powered Mobility Solutions that leverage their leading Vision AI platform to improve mobility and enhance road safety. Along with snow management, ClearObject is engaging and partnering with transport agencies across North America to help optimize traffic flow, improve preventative maintenance, and even plan more effective transit solutions for the future. For more information contact


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